Welcome to my photo site where I get to show off my images, please have a look through and any feedback and constructive criticism is warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated, please enjoy!
I first picked up my dad's camera at about 8 years old and was always fascinated at how this complex box of tricks could produce photos.

Soon afterwards I purchased my own first camera - an old Russian Praktica MTL-3 and this was the first in a line of camera that I bought and experimented with, then finally moving onto a Canon A1 - what sophistication!

At the age of 17 I was shooting a fully manual 2 1/4 Square Bronica SQL - and then when I was 18 I started photographing weddings - and actually did quite well for about 10 years until my wife and family and a career in sales became my prime concerns.

Then about 10 years ago I picked up an early Digital camera and played around with this photographing the kids and family events. I did some sports photography for a while, photographing triathletes at events around the UK and selling prints to them.

Then just recently, with the purchase of a new Sony system camera, the passion was relit and over the last year or so I have again been really enjoying getting out and capturing the light and landscape. Landscape Photography is now my main passion.